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Paddling Pools Balls and Hoppers Now in stock

KIDS PADDLING POOL: make the most of the warm weather with this easy to setup Paddling  pools. 3 INFLATABLE RINGS: made from durable pre-tested vinyl material. EASY SET UP: Ideal size even for smaller gardens, simply inflate and fill.
Splash And Play 3 Ring Play Above Ground PoolIncredibles Ball 23cm

Summer and outdoor play, Kids favourite Incredible 2 Play balls, Car Playballs, Petagon colour playballs.

Disney Cars Balls Deflated x 1 suppliedDisney Princess Sofia The First Ball


Pentagon Colour Balls For Kids Sports & Outdoor Play x 2 BallsHoppers Disney Princess Sofia The First Play balls, Trolls Play balls and many more out door toys are now in stock
Marvel Avengers Space HopperTrolls Ball 23cm




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SQUISHVILLE Play Sets Now in Stock

Squishville Cottage Town House 1-1

SQUISHVILLE are here to stay – Now you can also complete your collection with the Squishville Playsets where you will find all your favourite                                                                                                                            small 2″ Squishville friends complete with accessories and soft plush  playsets.                                                                                                                                         COLLECT THEM ALL-  NOW IN STOCKSquishville Cottage Town House 3-3Squishville Deluxe Play Scene Tip Top TreehouseSquishville Squad 6 pack - Sweet Tooth Squad 1-1Squishville Squad 6 pack - Sweet Tooth Squad 2-2Squishville Deluxe Play Scene Glamping Getaway 3-3

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Squishmallows Squishville Super Soft Toys and Playsets

Squishmallows Lizard 1-1

Squishmallows are here to stay –  These large 16″ super soft collectible stuffed animals are the perfect sofa and pillow companion for kids of all ages. The lovable stuffed animals are so soft that one has to hug them to understand how soft they are. All Squishmallows have their completely unique style and personality, which stimulates the imagination and encourages role-playing. Once you’ve got your first Squishmallow hug friend, you understand how soft and soothing a Squishmallow really is. This is a toy for children and adults of all ages. 

Squishville Deluxe Play Scene Tip Top TreehouseSquishville Cottage Town House 1-1Squishville Deluxe Play Scene Glamping Getaway

Now you can also complete your collection with the Squishville Playsets where you will find all your favourite small 2″ Squishville friends complete with accessories and soft plush  playsets.

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The New Craze – Slug Toy Now In Stock

Rainbow Slug Toy in Box 19cm
  • Rainbow Slug Toy in Box 19cm
  • The New Slug Craze 
  • The Slug Toy Puzzle Teasers are Now In Stock
  • These Slug Toys are available in RAINBOW Colour and also in 4 plain colours – BLUEGREENPURPLE and ORANGE
  • This flexible slug has been crafted from 3D articulated design making it totally flexible. Provides comfort from stress, anxiety and boredom. Extremely high playability item.
  • This is a perfect stress reliever for adults and kids.


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New Christmas Toys arrived at Little Toy House UK

  • Albert Elf 19″ Soft Plush has just arrived at Little Toy House UK
  • Albert the cute adorable Elf plush toy
  • 19″ With shiny red Santa hat
  • Albert Elf is here to spread some festive cheer. The perfect addition to any family this Christmas, can you give Albert a loving home?

Albert Elf 19inch Soft Plush 2Motion Activated Cute Little Purple Laughing Llama

  • Motion Activated Cute Little Purple Laughing Llama – 
  • WATCH THE VIDEO and you wont stop laughing

  • This cute and cuddly Llama will leave everyone – including themselves – in hysterics! As well as being cuddly and soft he is also motion activated, once he starts laughing he’ll start rolling around creating a hilarious scene wherever you decide to place him.

Christmas Dog and Sax ToySinging Santa Toy

  • Christmas Dog with Sax Toy and Singing Father Christmas
  • Just Squeeze their hands and see the Christmas dog play a smooth jazz and father Christmas singing  Santa Clause is Coming to Town. A great Christmas gift.


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Equilibrium – Rose Jewellery Collection

Equilibrium Rose – PRETTY-Rosebud Necklace

PRETTY-Rosebud Necklace – Plated with real silver –  Size – 23cm x 6cm.

The rose is one of the most famous and beloved of all flowers. It is a symbol of love and passion and an expression of timeless beauty.

This beautiful jewelry is presented Gift Boxed, a great gift for someone you love.

To complete your set you can also purchase the Pretty Rosebud Bracelet and Pretty Rosebud Brooch from our website. Collect them all from –

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A new collaboration with Femtinos

We have some exciting news for all Little Toy House customers.
We are partnering up with Femtinos and have put together some lovely art kits.
Each kit comes in an A4 box filled with lots of amazing and exciting items.

Kits include; Acrylic Box Sets, Water Colour Box Sets and Journaling Sets

Check out the next Femtinos art course in June that will be using these kits!

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Start of Little Toy House UK

Little Toy House is a Family run business. We started purchasing toys long before we started selling them. Toys have always been a big part of our lives.

So we decided to share our passion with all mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and all their little angel’s out there.

I believe that all kids love toys until a certain age, but with us, it was a never-ending love for toys. Having kids of your own means you will always stay interested in toys, so this passion always stayed with us.

Children will always love receiving toys and always look forward to their birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion on which they will receive new toys. Toys have a special part in a child’s life and each toy is unique to a child.

There is something magical about each toy you purchase for your kids. You will realize that each time you buy a toy for your child, you will see a sparkle in their eyes, a sparkle that you will want to see again and again. For a child a toy does not need to be expensive just needs to be new to bring that beautiful smile on their faces.

A child’s mind is full of imagination. Each time a child receives a toy, it takes them into a different magical world. Toys have always been special in a child’s life and always will be. So what I would say is – Love and enjoy each toy that comes into your life.