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Start of Little Toy House

Little Toy House is a Family run business. We started purchasing toys long before we started selling them. Toys have always been a big part of our lives.

So we decided to share our passion with all mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and all their little angel’s out there.

I believe that all kids love toys until a certain age, but with me, it was a never-ending love for toys. Having kids of your own means you will always stay interested in toys, so this passion always stayed with me.

To a child each toy is special. There is something magical about every toy you purchase for your kids. You will realize that each time you buy a toy for your child, you will see a sparkle in their eyes.

A child’s mind is full of imagination. Each time a child receives a toy, it takes them into a different magical world. Toys have always been special in a child’s life and always will be. So, what I would say to you all is – Love and enjoy each toy that comes into your life.