Kids Party Bag Bundle: 134-Piece Assorted Fun Pack


  • Kids Party Bag Bundle!
  • Featuring 134 assorted pieces of fun, including football whistles, puzzle books, sticker sheets, bracelets, activity books, prism viewers, and puzzles.
  • Please note: No return or refunds on sale & special offer items.

    Kids Party Bag Bundle: 134-Piece Assorted Fun Pack
    “Unleash the fun with our Kids Party Bag Bundle – 134 pieces of excitement for an unforgettable celebration! 🎉🎁 #KidsParty #PartyBundle”

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“Introducing our 134 Pieces Kids Party Bag Bundle 1!

This bundle includes a variety of fun items perfect for parties and celebrations:

  1. 12 Assorted Colour Football Whistles
  2. 21 Little Unicorn Puzzle Books
  3. 14 Mermaid Sticker Sheets
  4. 15 Pink Pirate Bracelets
  5. 7 Assorted Dinosaur & Jungle Animal Activity Books with stickers & 2 assorted Animals in each Pack. (Total 14 Animals)
  6. 9 Stars Sticker Sheets
  7. 14 Small 4cm Prism Viewers
  8. 42 Small 12 x 8cm Wild Animal Puzzles
  9. Totaling 134 assorted pieces of joy! Get ready for an epic party with this fantastic bundle.”

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