Little Stars Dinosaurs Tray


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Dinosaurs Tray

  • Brighten up lunch time for the little ones with this charming ‘Dinosaurs’ range
  • Introduce your child into the idea of independent eating with this colourful and fun compartment food tray. Featuring four different sized compartments, two rectangular, one square and one circular for drink holding, allow your child to learn how to eat. BPA free, this compartment tray is 100% child friendly.
  • The tray features wonderful illustrations of brightly coloured dinosaurs such as the imperious T-Rex, the nimble Velociraptor, the gargantuan Brachiosaurus and the colossal Mosasaurus, with each dinosaur labelled in a stylish font, surrounded by footprints on a vibrant orange backdrop.
  • The perfect gift for any child (especially fans of all things prehistoric) this ‘Dinosaurs’ tray will be a bright and bold addition to any youngster’s daily routine.
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