Slurps Snot Suckers


  • 1 x Single Slurps Snot Suckers
  • Novelty snot suckers will provide hours of fun.
  • Flexible plastic characters in a variety of colours
  • Slurps Snot Suckers comes with their own 30g tub of snotty slime
  • Squeeze them to slurp up the snot, then squish it back out again
  • Gross farty blurpy noises
  • 1 x Single Slurps Snot Sucker – Colour sent at random
  • For kids age 5+

Slurps Snot Suckers

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Slurps Snot Suckers

Introducing Slurps Snot Suckers – the ultimate in gooey, hilarious fun!

These novelty snot suckers, available in assorted colors, promise hours of entertainment. Each character is a quirky and unique addition to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Assorted Colors: Enjoy a variety of vibrant colors with these playful Slurpees Snot Suckers.
  • 30g Tub of Snotty Slime: Each Slurpee comes with its own tub of snotty slime, adding an extra layer of oozy delight to the experience.
  • Squeeze and Squish: Experience the grossly entertaining sensation as you squeeze the characters to slurp up the snot and then squish it back out again.
  • Gross Farty Blurpy Noises: Be amused by the comical sound effects that accompany the slimy fun.
  • Designed for kids aged 5 and above, these Slurpees promise a memorable, laughter-filled playtime experience. Get ready for gooey greatness with Slurpees Snot Suckers!

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