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  • Squeakee Minis Assortment 
  • Description:
    Squeakee Minis pets are cheeky and squeaky!
  • They make you sound so funny when they repeat what you say in a squeaky helium voice! You won’t find a more entertaining, funnier’ pet than these! Pat Minis and they’ll give a ‘squeak’!
  • Blow on their nose and they’ll pretend to inflate then ’pop’ in a hilarious way! Their funny helium playback voice will make you giggle.
  • There are two Squeakee Minis to meet: Heelie the Puppy, and Poppy the Bunny!
  • Collect them all.Features:
    • Press it’s nose, speak, and Squeakee Mini will repeat your message back to you in its hilarious squeaky helium voice!
    • Hold Squeakee Mini up to your mouth and blow on its nose. You will hear them inflate!Contents:
    • 1 x Squeakee Mini Supplied at random

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