TY Sunset Unicorn Flippable Plush Toy


  • TY Sunset UnicornĀ Flippable Plush Toy.
  • Irresistible with reversible sequins and bright large eyes.
  • Colour changing with reversible sequins.
  • Birthday date: 7 October.

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  • TY Sunset Unicorn Flippable Plush Toy
  • This magical unicorn dazzles with its vibrant design and captivating features.
  • At the heart of its charm lies the irresistible reversible sequins that adorn its plush exterior.
  • With just a swipe of your hand, watch in awe as the sequins magically change colors, transforming the unicorn’s appearance in a mesmerizing display of shimmer and shine.
  • This charming unicorns bright, large eyes will draw you into its magical world with every glance.
  • With its soft plush fur, the TY Sunset Unicorn Flippable is not just a toy; it’s a companion that sparks joy and ignites the imagination.
  • Measuring 6 inches in size, this adorable unicorn is the perfect size for cuddling.
  • Celebrate the TY Sunset Unicorn Flippable’s special day on October 7th, the perfect occasion to add a sprinkle of enchantment to your collection or surprise a loved one with a magical birthday gift.
  • Whether you’re young or young at heart, this delightful unicorn promises to bring joy and wonder wherever it goes.

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